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Nag Champa Original Incense by Satya established in 1964.  A special blend of herbs, resins, floral extracts, and essential oils, hand-rolled to perfection by artisans. Made with sandalwood base & a Champaca flower which is it's secret ingredient.  Still hand-rolled in India with the finest masala pastes.   One of the world's most popular incenses.  We have never met a Satya scent we didn't like. 


Cool Fact: Back in the 60's this incense was burned at hippie concerts like Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead.  It was part of the entire music experience - to listen to great tunes combined with the added ambiance of aromatic fragrances.   Thank you Bob & Jerry for bringing this incredible incense to the western world - the rest is history.  

Nag Champa Original Incense by Satya

  • Contains 10, 15, 40, 50, 100, or 250 grams

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