Mugwort ~ or black sage is considered stronger than sacred California white sage.  
Native American smudging prayer included ~ Crystal Connection's gift to you. 

mugwort ~ black sage

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  • Revered for its ability to ease depression, cleanse negative energies, protection & acts as a dream enhancer. Sweet smell is pleasing. Black sage is a powerful potent way to neutralize, discourage & transform unwanted negative energies. Used to purify, cleanse, protect, sanctify & bless people, objects & clear sacred areas or healing spaces. Use with our smudging feather to direct smoke & our beautiful abalone shells for collecting the hot ashes that may fall. Sustainably farm grown in California. It is lovingly harvested by hand with prayer & cotton-bound in a good way with no chemicals or synthetics used ~ ever! Always burn in peace & with an open heart.
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