One rough gemstone similar in size and color.  Due to the nature of our products each piece is unique, therefore it varies in shape and size. Stones you will receive are close approximations. Each rough gemstone comes with an information card with the metaphysical properties, it's cleansed with florida water, great to carry or for medicine bags popular for meditation, reiki, gridwork, healing. Collect them all!!

Merlinite (Dentritic Opal) Rough Gemstone

  • Also called dendritic opal. It is said to blend heavenly & earthly vibrations, allowing one access to multiple realms. It can be used to draw upon the elements, to enhance shamanic practices & to bring magic into one's physical life. Promotes physical & spiritual growth & enhances one's organizational abilities. Allows deep intuition, harmony, creativity, past life recall, removal of illusion, manifestation & prophetic visions.

    Zodiac: Gemini

    Chakra: 3rd- Solar Plexus, 6th- Third Eye