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Howlite Sphere

Introducing our exquisite Howlite Sphere, perfect for anyone seeking to balance their emotions and find peace within. This natural gemstone has been handcarved and polished to perfection, showcasing its stunning calming energies. Measuring 75-85 mm in diameter, each sphere is unique and will be similar in color and size to the one pictured here. Purchase this beauty today and receive a free acrylic display stand to showcase the beauty of this stunning gemstone. Add this Howlite Gemstone Sphere to your collection and experience its soothing and healing properties.

Howlite Sphere

  • Howlite:

    • Extremely calming stone that calms the overactive mind; great for insomnia. Facilitates awareness & emotional expression. Brings ambition to help one achieve one's goals. Dispels selfishness & criticalness. Releases stress, agression, anger & rage. Brings decency to one's character, facilitates higher spirituality & strengthens one's positive traits. Teaches patience, helps with impatient behavior, rudeness & boisterousness. Allows one to speak with calmness & reasoned communication. Strengthens memory & desire for knowledge. Assists with out-of-body journeys & accessing past lives.  Release past life traumas. Cuts strings that tie past life emotions to present life.  

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