Smudging is a cleansing ritual that dates back to the Native American Indian people, where herbs or tree barks would be burned & the person or place would be bathed in the fragrant healing smoke.  This ritual of cleansing & purification has lived on & had been used for the purification from bad spirits or simply to remove negative vibrations & bring a fresh start to a person or space.  

Native Soul Smudge Sticks

  • By Green Tree.  Export quality premium hand-rolled agarbatti masala smudge sticks from India.  15 gram.

    white sage-for purification & healing-believed to cleanse a space, person, or object of all evil spirits or negative energies.

    palo santo-holy wood, heal the body & soul, purify spaces.

    lavender-protection, cleansing, calming, opens heart chakra.

    dragons blood-drive away negative energies, creates protective barrier.

    copal-purify spaces, prepare for meditation.

    sweetgrass-purify auras, cleanse objects & spaces of negativity.

    yerba santa-protection & setting boundaries.

    holy smoke-creates a mystical cloud that draws positive energies, purification, bring a fresh start.