Astagandha - creates holistic atmosphere

Davana - used in prayer & has great medicinal properties

Frangipani - (plumeria) calmness & mood enhancement

Kastoori - (musk) creates exotic atmosphere & attracts wealth

Sandalwood - mood elevator & dispels negativity from the house

Sri Tulsi - (holy basil) medicinal & eliminates misfortune

Goloka Natural Masala Series

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  • Goloka incense is a unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, honey, resins & oils. It is free from toxic materials which brings you a safe & natural experience. Let the pure fragrance of Goloka assorted fragrances gently waft into your life & fill it with peace & devotion & with wonderful creation. 15 gram sticks. Handrolled in India. Natural Masala sticks. 100% of sales of Goloka Incense are used for charitable activities like feeding underpriviledged children everyday & providing education & scholarships to poor students.

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