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 Gentian Root is a powerful spiritual herb known for overcoming obstacles and promoting courage, strength, and determination. Its deep, earthy energy makes it a tool for finding stability, security, and a deeper connection with the earth in daily life and spiritual practice.  Love drawing; breaks hexes and curses; adds power.  Add Gentian Root to love baths and sachets. Burn Gentian Root as a curse-breaker… makes a good supplement to any uncrossing ritual.  Gentian Root helps counteract the effects of evil spells, especially those that spin a web of illusory fantasies and lead to a loss of reality.  Gentian can help to regain a grip and see things for what they are.  It can be used as an amulet to help connect with the higher self and trust its guiding wisdom.


 One ounce in a poly bag. Store in a sealed container away from direct exposure to light, heat and moisture.For more information, click here

Gentian Root (cut + sifted)

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