These genuine gemstones are handpicked for their specific metaphysical properties for the zodiac sign of Leo.


This recipe includes: 

Labradorite - find destiny

Chevron Amethyst -  peace

Citrine - energy

Tiger Eye - courage

Garnet - love

Dumorterite - take control

Black Tourmaline - protection

Kunzite - emotional balance

Opal - assists change

Sunstone - cosmic consciousness

Kyanite - decision making and balance

Pyrite - attracts abundance


Wear daily or as needed.

A Crystal Connection Exclusive item.


You choose the size of beads from 6mm & 8mm.  Patterns may vary.


Hand-crafted by superior skilled artisians which makes each item unique & individual.  Stretchy band that adjust to fit most wrist sizes.  Due to the nature of real gemstones, each handmade bracelet will have natural variations in color, shapes & appearance.  Such characteristics are not considered flaws but enhance the uniqueness & beauty of every piece.


Leo Zodiac Bracelet - Crystal Prescriptions