Gemstones that are handpicked for their metaphysical properties, this gorgeous bracelet is specifically made for drawing in Abundance.  


This recipe includes moss agate, pyrite, jade, citrine, jet, garnet, smoky quartz, ruby zoisite, sunstone, tiger eye, green aventurine & amazonite.  Patterns may vary. 


Specialty Gemstone Bracelet with stretchy bands that adjust to fit most wrist sizes.

You choose the size of beads from 6mm & 8mm.  


Hand-crafted by superior skilled artisians which makes each item unique & individual.

Due to the nature of real gemstones, each handmade bracelet will have natural variations in color, shapes & appearance.  Such characteristics are not considered flaws but enhance the uniqueness & beauty of every piece.


Wear daily or as needed.

A Crystal Connection Exclusive item.

Abundance Bracelet - Crystal Prescriptions