Purify crystals, gemstones, grid boards, runes, dream catchers & tarot cards.  Whether your crystals are new or have been sitting around, they absorb energy especially if they are handled.  To remove these energies - lightly spray your items with this delightful & negative vibe removing spray.  Dry with a soft cloth or allow to air dry.  Place your cleansed items on a window shelf for 24 hours to let them be kissed by the sun & energized by the moon.  Repeat this process when needed.  Please test items in a small inconspicuous place before using on wood, leather or paper.  Handmade in Australia by Kairios (The supreme moment) using sage water, bergamot, white sage, patchouli & tea tree pure essential oils.  Not intended for human consumption.  Enjoy!

Cleansing Spray

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