One tumbled gemstone similar in size and color.  Due to the nature of our products each piece is unique, therefore it varies in shape and size. Stones you will receive are close approximations. Each tumbled gemstone comes with an information card with the metaphysical properties, it's cleansed with florida water, great to carry or for medicine bags popular for meditation, reiki, gridwork, healing. Collect them all!!

Chrysoprase- Green Tumbled Gemstone

  • Useful for balancing yin-yang energies, aligning the chakras, and energzing the heart and body. Facilitates deep meditative states, compassion, and non-judgemental attitudes. Assits one in accepting self and others, while helping one recognize the trinity within. Provides adaptability, understanding of patterns, fluency of speech, fertility, and heals broken hearts. Reduces inferiority or superiority complexes, assists in fidelity and personal/business affairs. 

    Zodiac- Libra

    Chakra- 4th-Heart