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Chakra Yogi Tie Dye Tapestry

Chakra Yogi Tie Dye Tapestry

Chakra Yogi Tie Dye Tapestry

  • Transform your space with our Chakra Yogi Tie Dye Tapestry, a vibrant and versatile piece ready to adorn your walls. Enchant a couch, transform a chair, or liven up a table with this stunning tapestry. Use it as a luxurious bedspread, a dazzling room divider, or a hypnotic backdrop to give any room a cozy, mesmerizing feeling. Take it with you on picnics, beach excursions, or music festivals for a brilliant and eye-catching accessory. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color to your home or enhance your outdoor gatherings, this tapestry is the perfect way to elevate any space.  These elaborate, exotic works of art are functional and durable, so don't be afraid to put them to use. Constructed from 100% soft, light to medium weight handwoven or powerloom cotton. Our tapestries are tie dyed made by Human Hands in India - please accept any imperfections. Sizes & colors may vary.

    This stunning Chakra Yogi Tie Dye Tapestry will add a focal point to your walls to balance your space and draw in the positive vibes.

    Chakras are the seven energy points that run along the spine. When the chakras are unblocked, energy can move freely throughout the body and harmonize the spirit, body, and mind.

    210 x 240 cm

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