Celestial brass bells on a colored silk strand.    These handmade metal bells to bring balance, peace & tranquility into any space.  A bell is a traditional object used to call us to attention. In Buddhist practice, the sound of a bell signals the beginning and end of a period of meditation. Use a bell to remind you to get up and move around, to shift your attention from the head to the body. Create a similar daily ceremony using a bell.  Bells also change the energy in a space by removing negativity...imagine the negative vibes catching a ride on the sound and as the sound dissipates into the universe, the negativity disappearing along with it. Hanging them on a door lets only good vibes enter your home.  Bells are also used or good luck, good fortune & protection.  


Handmade in India with recycled iron & other materials.

Ethically sourced & traded.

Can be hung on doors & gardens.  Indoor or outdoor use.


Celestial Bells Hanging