One rough gemstone similar in size and color.  Due to the nature of our products each piece is unique, therefore it varies in shape and size. Stones you will receive are close approximations. Each rough gemstone comes with an information card with the metaphysical properties, it's cleansed with florida water, great to carry or for medicine bags popular for meditation, reiki, gridwork, healing. Collect them all!!

Calcite- Orchid Rough Gemstone

  • A combination of orange calcite and black tourmaline. Protects, energizes, and grounds those who work with it. Connects the spiritual realm with the physical body, helping one clear through emotional upset. Increases creativity. Helps one to feel safe and grounded and to establish new habits. Removes blockages so emotions can flow. 

    Zodiac: Cancer, Capricorn

    Chakra: 1st- Root, 2nd- Sacral