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buddhist temple ~ illuminating the soul

enlightenment ~ cosmic awareness & clarity

liberation ~ freedom & awakening

mystic temple ~ offerings & blessings

namaste' ~ honoring the divine in you

nirvana ~ spiritual perfection

shangri-la ~ mystic knowledge & wisdom

universal love ~ compassion & humility

under the bodhi tree zen incense

select fragrance below:
  • Feed your spirit & enlighten your mind. Burning incense is a sacred offering. Fragrant smoke results in teaching the necessity to burn away negative qualities within oneself to reveal the pure within. Incense rises & dissolves in the air reminding us of the transient nature of existence. Find your zen place.


    Our Exclusive incense line - you can't get anywhere else!

    16 super powerful highly fragrant hand-dipped sticks.  

    Exotic ingredients & precious fragrances that have been collected from all over the world.  Handcrafted recipes of the finest woods, resins, herbs, & oils blended together to make the finest premium incenses available on the planet.  Artisan crafted in small batches in USA with premium & essential oils.  Always fresh! Burn responsibly win peace & with an open heart.