Box Full of Love!

Everything you need to open your heart & life to:


have more self love

increase existing love

help heal emotional wounds & old pains & patterns

give & receive unconditional love

have more compassion for self & others

attract romance or a soulmate


Box full of Love includes:

~wire wrapped rose quartz gemstone point pendant on black slipknot cord

-help you have more compassion for self & others & open your self to pure unconditional love

~hand-carved rose quartz heart stone

-heal emotional wounds & old pains- get rid of negative patterns & feel the universal love all around you

~pink love chime candle with affirmation

-increase existing love & fill heart & soul with love-help love radiate to all those who touch your life

~star chime holder

~3 boxes of our favorite LOVE incenses

-burn to create an atmosphere of love & to draw love into your sacred space

~wooden incense burner

~love incense powder

-attract love, passion & relationships & soulmate

~2 charcoal bricks

~3-d origami lotki paper hanging star ornament 

-handmade one-of-a-kind art hand embellished in Nepal


A Crystal Connection Exclusive Item.

Box Full of Love!