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Box Full of Love

Box Full of Love!

Box Full of Love!

  • Everything you need to open your heart & life to:

    Have more self Love

    Increase existing love

    Increase mental clarity so that choices are clear to you

    Help heal emotional wounds & old pains & patterns

    Restore trust & confidence

    Give & receive unconditional love

    Have more compassion for self & others

    Attract & be receptive to romance or a soulmate


    Box Full of Love includes:

    ~Wire Wrapped Rose Quartz Gemstone Point Pendant on Black Slipknot Cord

    -help you have more compassion for self & others & open your self to pure unconditional love

    ~Hand-carved Rose Quartz Heart Stone

    -heal emotional wounds & old pains- get rid of negative patterns & feel the universal love all around 

    ~Triple White Sage/Rose Quartz Gem Embedded Glass Votive & Candle (Manifest Love)

    -increase existing love & fill heart & soul with love-help love radiate to all those who touch your life

    ~3 boxes of our favorite LOVE Inspired Incenses with a Wooden Incense Burner

    -burn to create an atmosphere of love & to draw positive vibes into your sacred space

    ~Handcrafted Love Bead Bracelet with Lava Stones

    -worn to remind you that you are loved & encourage you to be receptive to accepting love

    ~Bottle of our Specialty Handcrafted Love Drawing Perfume Oil

    -to attract love, passion & relationships & soulmate to your life

    (can be placed onto Lava stone on your Bracelet; also worn as perfume, burned in aroma diffusors or anointing your gemstones, crystal or candles to manifest the love you deserve).

    A Crystal Connection Exclusive Item.

    Please allow substitiutions for items that may be out stock.  We will upgrade item. :)

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