Know this angel has found its way to you for a purpose. Use this stone in whatever way feels right to you.

Some ways to use this stone: Carry in your pocket or purse to use as a Worry Stone. As you hold the stone in your hand, imagine the angels calm presence surrounding you. Imagine yourself letting go of hurts and worries. Place the stone in an area where each time you see it, you will think positively (Remember: Attitude can change everything). Give the stone as a gift to a friend, someone you love, or pass along to a stranger. Give your worries to the angels.

Worry Stone- Angels

  • Give your worries to the Angels

    It's time to heal your heart.


    Every day's a new beginning

    Where love and hope can start


    Give your worries to the Angels

    Release your doubt and fear


    Trust in God to always be there

    With Angels always near.