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My life before Crystal Connection is much of a mystery.  I don't talk about it much.  I like to think my second life began when I was rescued from a kill shelter in Greenville, South Carolina.  My heart was full of worms. 

TOESR saved me, fostered me, healed me & led me to my new family. 

(I sometimes have relatives that are also rescued by these wonderful humans, so check their website)  


I now reside in Greenville, NC with my humans.  I am so loved & spoiled.  I get anything & everything I want.  I can sleep on the furniture & I have a huge fenced in backyard with lots of trees & grass to frolic in.   I have an endless supply of fuzzy chew toys.   I love wide opens spaces and will open up the throttle into high gear and love to run like an antelope out of control.   My food & water bowls are never empty.   I listen very well for when I do ~ I get a treat.  Not bad for just sitting on my rump or laying down on the floor, huh? Did I mention I love to play? 


I have two coats, one for each season.  So don't be surprised to find me leaving the winter one at home when it gets warm outside :)  I sometimes get to wear way cool sweaters or change it up with fancy bows & rubber bands in my bangs for hair flair.  But I like my shaggy hair in my eyes.  I think it makes me look mysterious.   


I go to work everyday & meet lots of nice humans that always give me lots of rubs & tell me how beautiful I am.  Many want to take me home because I am so well behaved & so super zen.  I guess having a forever family who loves me keeps my feet on the ground & my soul happy. 


Stop by the store for a visit ~  I will give you some "icky licky love".  Ruff! Ruff!

Peace & Pawsitive Vibes!  Follow me on our instagram because they post lots of cool pics of me.  

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